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Monday, April 12, 2010

Who of the six Catholic justices in the US Supreme Court is/are believing pedophiles? And what abt a muslim justice believing in Mohammed?!

There are six Catholics, two Jews & one Protestant (who is leaving) in the US Supreme Court. This despite the fact that of the US population the majority faith is nonreligious - and without representation! In other words, a quarter of the population is represented by two thirds of the Supreme Court! And what if the muslim born & Sharia respecting Mr X "president" sneaks in a believer in the pedophilic Mohammed?! Then the pedophiles truly get a strong voice, don't they!

In a sample of 80 “normal” volunteers, over 25% self-reported some pedophilic interest or in the plethysmographic phase exhibited penile arousal to a child that equaled or exceeded arousal to an adult (Hall, Hirschman, & Oliver, 1995).

Klevius comment: As nothing seems to indicate that Catholics in general (Catholic priests may be an alltogether other case!) are less pedophilic than the normal population, statistically pedophilic Catholic Supreme Court justices proportionally represent all (i.e. some quarter of the population) US Catholics!

Klevius question to YOU: Why are you so stupid? It's YOU who have made these religious madmen possible!

All this naked political, or purely sexist monotheist "religiosity" makes one really puke. They're ALL based on sexist rapetivism.

Zero "gods" or Millions of "gods" makes sense - oneness doesn't make any sense other than as a personal or collective excuse for racist/sexist actions! You just let yourself be cheated by the very evilness you think you avoid! Ancestor warship orbited around a family growing to a clan & tribe, & further to a city state, nation & empire. However, during the process "god" transformed to God, i.e. a baptized nothingness serving evil! Good deeds were performed between people by referring to this evil idol, while evil deeds were excused as "the will of God".

A single "god" is a logical contradiction. How could two people ever imagine the same (this naivity is also called realism)? And how could a single "god" ever exist (abt existence see Klevius' book Demand for Resources (1992)?

To really get a deeper hold on this you better read the net's best explanation (sic) of how your brain works, EMAH (the even more astonishing hypothesis).

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