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We're all born unequal, that's why we need Human Rights, not islam!

Klevius is probably now the world's foremost expert on sex segregation (sad, isn't it), and islam (the worst crime ever) is the foremost expression of sex apartheid. By 'islam' Klevius of course means OIC's Human Rights violating Sharia declaration.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tomboy & islam: The Tomboy's exactly right & Freudian shrinks & islamic clerics are completely wrong, dude!

Brad Pitt & Shiloh 3, mocked by pathological feminist media & their sexist "experts".

A "Tomboy" is a girl/woman whose "sexuality" really has nothing to do with it, but who will not submit to ridiculous & dangerous "gender appropriate" rules.

You "Tomboys" out there, don't let DSM shrinks & your stupid sisters bother you (unless you're a minor, of course - then the GID shrinks have the right to lock you up in a nut house &/or force "feminization" on you)! Sex segregation (feminization) is also the reason why transsexuals are forced to hormonization/surgery instead of living their lives as they like wihout a state regulated sex label).

Why is it so hard to see that the culprit is cultural sex segregation boosted with sexist monotheist "religions", Freud (see From Freud to bin Laden), sexist political Sharia islam & scared, ignorant (or hypocritical!) women themselves?

I'm a man but I (& probably most men (as you know, Klevius is EXTREMELY normal) know that the "sexiest" women are "Tomboys", no matter if sex is involved at all, & I assume that most "lesbians" aren't "lesbians" because of getting a particular type of physical sex, but rather the contrary, i.e. to not be bothered by horny & sexist men & "feminine" regulations/limitation on how to lead their lives & with whom. All of this would be so much easier (even for me as a man) if we could just stick to those UN (negative) Human Rights the islamist OIC organization (led by the Saudis) is abt to erase in UN right now!

GID is a terrible crime against Human Rights, albeit the crooks get away with it because chidren aren't protected by Human Rights other than against their parents! And the parents Human Rights are by-passed by the interventional rights of the social state (or islam). These interventional rights aren't necessarily even benficial for the child but could often be disastrous (see e.g. my thesis Pathological Symbiosis).

In the 1948 HR declaration it's clearly stated that your physical sex shouldn't be a cultural or legal regulator for how to live. GID (gender identity disorder) is a hoax psychiatric DSM criterion that especially targets girls before they are grown up & can decide for themselves. It was introduced as a "pathology" at the same time as "homosexuality" was removed as a pathology!

Not only Christian fundamentalists (such as e.g. Catholics) but also psychiatrists & sick media people contribute to the progress of ultimate sex apartheid in the form of islamic sex totalitarianism. Consider this> Islam's immediately dead if it looses its sex apartheid!

I might be wrong but my girls/women informants make me believe that other girls/women are the worst in trying to put "tomboyism" in disrespect when it should be the most respected "fashion" a human female could possibly exhibit!

A Tomboy's completely unneccessary worries

"it's hard to tell by the way I type, but I'm a tomboy!! I don't wear any girl clothes at all!! it's actually really strange and my friends (even my parents) hate me for it!! I've had people bring me girl clothes to wear at school!!! but I feel strange in girls clothing.. have you seen how tight it is?? even the loose clothing!!! it's horrid! but my baggy boy shirts are so comfortable!!! but most tomboys love their hair up and short.. not all, I LOVE long hair and having it down... I just do.. but, I wonder if this is the reason for me liking such feminine guys... ??? I really do, but to be sure, yes, I'm straight happy"

Klevius answer: "Feminine" guys are probably more intelligent &/or have better selfesteem & hence more free to lead their lives as they like, not as others like them to do. When social conformism to others reach a certain level it will equal social fascism! I guess most "maculine" Tomboys are similar, i.e. they meet in the middle after having escaped the pathological extremes of "masculine" & "feminine"!.

Cure your ignorance abt evil feminism & evil islam:

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's the difference between Goel Ratzon (30 contemporary wives) & Mohammed (12 wives)?

Klevius answer: Mohammed/islam was more violent & totalitarian!

Why have both Goel Ratzon & islam prevailed in their strange behavior?

Klevius answer: Because so many women are so stupid.

Why are so many women so stupid?

Klevius answer: Because of sex segregation, dude! When will you really get the enormity of sex segregation? It's not "god" given, it's your fault! And no, Klevius gives a damn if you are asexual, heterosexual or homosexual or suffering from nymphomania etc. Although much of the issue is confused by talk abt "sexuality", sex has nothing to do with it outside the question of rape/selfrape! We're talking abt SEX SEGREGATION ^ Klevius seems still to be your best resource on the subject!

Of course Klevius is extremely flattered being the only one on (so far) to address the most important sociological issue on the net. However, the very fact of being alone also aids to compromise/negate the issue, not the least because of the spread of evil sexist islam (or is this a consequence of Klevius & all the girls/women who have started questioning sex segregation - albeit without necessarily hitting/understanding the core (precisely because they're females), male heterosexual attraction & its devastating effects on girls/women (& men) unless they understand to connect it with patterns of cultural sex segregation)?

Cure your ignorance abt women, men, psychoanalysis, feminism & islam:

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And finally, if you want the real truth abt the historical Viking phenomenon go to Origin of Vikings
After reading it I'd guess your world isn't any longer the world it used to be! Moreover, I'd guess most of you initially think this is just another angle on the subject, &, after reading it, are forced to agree it's by far the best overall explanation of historical facts, no matter you like it or not. Why? Simply because of Klevius methodology, i.e. to dare to see islam for what it is, not for what you'd like it to be! What? Am I exaggerating islam's role? Absolutely not, because my (& Koran's) definition of islam is: parasitism based on slaves & sex slaves embedded in an immorality built of infidel racism! Only this will explain islam's rapid initial spread. And like cancer needs blood vessels, islam needs a host civilization that can feed its growth! All civilizations "visited"/contaminated with islam have slowly deteriorated into a state of ultimate misery, the Ottoman "empire" being the last example.