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Klevius is probably now the world's foremost expert on sex segregation (sad, isn't it), and islam (the worst crime ever) is the foremost expression of sex apartheid. By 'islam' Klevius of course means OIC's Human Rights violating Sharia declaration.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Klevius Christmas greeting to Mr. Mohammed & Mr Pope: You represent the worst enemies of the female sex!

B. Hussein Obama, a stupid (compared to, for example, Bush), muslim born & anti-constitutional (see left & here) fifth columnist who suddenly emerged out of the extremely politically corrupt & dirty swamp of the super racist/sexist Nation of islam territory in Ill., will now offer the homophobic evangelical minister Rick Warren to give the inaugural invocation. This is the guy who compared same-sex couples to incest!

The Pope, on his part, has revealed not only his deep Homophobia but also a staggering insensitivity for human values. In a populist move he hence allies himself with the darkest power of the human mind. According to the Pope, defending heterosexuality (read opposing e.g. same-sex or non-sexual couples) is as important as saving the world's rain forests from destruction.

Klevius comment: Wrong Mr Pope! You can't destroy heterosexual attraction without erasing one of the sexes, precisely because it is biological, i.e. the opposite to what you are talking abt!

Viewing the cultural (sex segregated) distinction between men and women as central to human nature is a slap in the face not only of HBT people but also against women in general as well as many men. There simply doesn't exist "an order set down by creation", but rather its opposite, namely evolution, which means change. The "order set down by creation" is rather written by men in patriarchal cultures, who then refer to Nature or God or whatever other cultural invention!

When Benedict describes "gender theories which lead towards the definitive emancipation of man from creation" he, in fact, repeats a common feminist theme, i.e. the defending of cultural sex prejudices such as "femininity" (as opposed to the biological woman's attraction affecting, albeit not determining, men)! To better understand this crucial issue start at From Klevius without love

The "fundamental difference in creation between men and women" has a long history in civilized societies (to which islam has never belonged, & perhaps therefore has copied its worst forms) but became utterly sexist in the Mideastern conjunction, which fact is reflected in Indo-European & Semitic linguistic sexism, e.g. the notorious (& stupid) he/she pronoun apartheid which is lacking in almost all othe languages, as repeatedly noted by Klevius (1981, 1984, 1992, 1993, 1896, 1999 etc). Ok, as a fluent speaker of Finnish it was easy for me to see it...


Klevius comment: To create a baby you don't necessarily need a sexual act between a male & a female at all (a friendly donor & self-insemination will do). However, what you really need is a nine month period of extra physical pressure, a laborious & often painful delivery, + perhaps, breasts available for breast-feeding for an additional nine+ months.

The burden of all of this is laid on the female sex. In addition, females are also institutionalized, through sex segregation, to sexually satisfy males. This isn't to say that females might not want to have sex too, it's to say that the only difference that really matters is heterosexual attraction (HSA) implanted in males but not in females. Many a girl/woman wrongly assume that their culturally (due to sex segregation) boosted & skewed interest in boys/men equals HSA, when it's, in fact, only a combination of biological receptiveness (usually once a month at the most), & a cultural (& completely unnecessary) inferiority complex (phallus envy) caused by the very sex segregation that the Pope & the Mohammedan ideology so fanatically defend. Give it up cause there's no return anyway - only a prolonging of the suffering from this stupid sex apartheid which in KLEVUX terminology results in rapetivism & self-rape!

Islam/Koran (by far the worst crime ever against humanity) not only clearly still sanctions slavery but also stipulates for women a compulsory role as sex slaves - either as muslim wives or as "infidel whores"! In addition Sharia imprisons women as biological & cultural reproducers of more muslims, i.e. more of the very same culture that enslaved them in the first place.

Mohammed's foremost representative for islamofascist rapetivism today is the Saud/Wahhab "house".

Also note that the real Papacy started as a reaction against early islamofascism. However, due to its sexist Mideastern roots (grown via Rome) this allergic reaction ("islamophobia") against islamofascism caused not only Inquisition but also Catholic backwardness & sex segregation (see e.g. Ayaan Hirsi Ali & the Enlightenment). This is why the former opponents now both gather around their common evil issue (see also Klevius groundbreaking 1996 paper Angels of Antichrist - kinship vs social state).

Analysis copyright (intellectual property) Peter Klevius, a true scientist not to be confused with "scientific assistant" professors & political charlatan professors!

Btw, isn't it funny that while thousands read my blogs year after year, extremely few (a couple of my supporters & a couple of brainless nuts) dare to comment/refer. At least two explanations seem possible. Either I'm below average understanding of the world, or my conclusions are just too heavy to carry &/or comment on or refer to. However, if you use Klevius analysis without referring to them while in other instances defending a citation custom, then you might face a moral issue, don't you! Yes, I'm also lending without telling, but only in details, never on heavy conclusions/hypothesis!

also see Klevius analysis of e.g.

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Brute islam (Wahhabi Abdullah, NYT mental cripples etc) vs Enlightened Civilization (e.g. heroine Ayaan Hirsi Ali)

Klevius (1992): The concept of freedom, like diamonds, is created under pressure.


To understand islam is to understand its origin as a blueprint for a parasitic slavery/rapetivism economy! Enlightenment, on the other hand, may be defined as its precise opposite!

WARNING! Today the most intolerant nation in the world, islamofascist Wahhabi Saudi Arabia (see brief history to the left), leads an islamic (Saudi financed) terror paralyzed world under the banner of "tolerance" within the very institution that was meant to protect the world against totalitarian fascism! Moreover, a body of the worst human rights violators (57 totalitarian islamic states) has succeeded in passing a draft resolution that criminalizes ALL criticism against islam, the worst crime ever! This happens while the Saudi's are about to finish their long term & eager efforts to destroy all archeological traces of the real islam. Finally, this fascist movement called islam won't stop there. CAIR’s (extremely influential Council on American Islamic Relations) co-founder Omar Ahmed (friend of Osama bin Laden): "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. - The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth" Klevius comment: And the first step is Sharia, conveniently now wrpped in finance & introduced in the US through the Wall Street crack!

Islamic mass movement is built on ignorance & deliberate propaganda-veiling of facts. Consider that 45.1% of UK muslims really believe that the 9/11th attacks were a conspiracy by the US & Israel! And there was no "horrific defect in islamic terrorists islamic education" that rendered them eager to slaughter non-Muslims. It was islam itself in its purest Koranic form assisted by Saudi funding.

According to Husain Haqqani, a scholar now serving as Pakistani Ambassador to the US wrote in 2006 about the group which sent the killers to Mumbai:"The most significant jihadi group of Wahhabi persuasion is Lashkar-e-Taiba (The Army of the Pure) founded in 1989 by Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. Backed by Saudi money and protected by Pakistani intelligence services, Lashkar-e-Taiba became the military wing of Markaz al-Dawa wal-Irshad (Center for the Call to Righteousness). Saeed created a large campus and training facility at Muridke, outside the Pakistani metropolis of Lahore".

The war on terror is now, according to B. Hussein Obama, the war against "hateful ideologies" (such as e.g. islamophobia?!) i.e. its opposite!?

Less publicized, not to say suppressed, is the most important news of 2008, i.e. that Abdullah's "islamophobia" resolution not only passed by 85-50 votes, but also that it criminalizes any "defamation of religion", especially islam, and that the General Assembly is expected to soon approve it. AS a consequence governments will be directed to amend their criminal codes so that the resolution will be incorporated into "customary international law". The text considers "islamophobic" any expression linking islam to such subjects as 9/11, terror attacks, honor killings, suicide bombings, beheadings, executions by stoning, persecution of homosexuals, fatwas against authors, death threats to cartoonists etc. Even "hostile glances" are enough "islamophobic" to render a jail sentence.

Is New York Times Islamophobic?

Klevius comment: It wasn’t the Christian Luther who created the Enlightment & the US constitution but the secular philosophers!

New York Times, B. Hussein Obama's & Saudi Abdullah's close ally, has already submitted its head almost through the floor towards Mecca/Riyadh. So, for example, did NYT deliberately lie on the last day of the Mumbai siege by saying "It is not known if the Jewish center was strategically chosen or was an accidental hostage scene". Mehul Kamdar: " extreme political correctness in the Western media keeps key information from being reported through self-censorship".

"Most lethal is the tendency to use violence in pursuit of the sect. This is the internal conflict that all muslims condemn but do nothing about". Klevius comment: Isn't it pathetic! Considering that we know from a variety of polls etc that a huge chunk of muslims do support islamic terrorism, &, most notably, that muslims on general avoid criticism against islamic terrorists!

Muslim wannabe reformists (i.e. either mission impossible or just deliberate intellectual cheaters) such as Muhammad Arkun, Abdul Karim Soroush, Khaled Abu El Fadl, Abu Zayd etc, who believe or try to make us believe, that early Islam was a loose & adaptive, yet benign, ideology that gradually arrested became culturally evil

According to Abdul Karim Soroush, Koran wasn't created by a god but rather a mere “prophetic experience”. Mohammed “was at the same time the receiver and the producer of the Koran or, if you will, the subject and the object of the revelation” Klevius comment: That's still a small step in the medieval landscape of massive backwardness & islamic superstition, especially when considering Soroush next words: “This mind, of course, is special in the sense that it is imbued with divinity and inspired by god”!

However, according to Soroush, Mohammed wasn't a parrot after all but rather "like a bee who produces honey itself even though the mechanism for making the honey is placed in him by god".

Klevius comment: Pure intellectual rubbish! Islam is all abt rapetivism/sex seregation enslavement spiced with parasitic finance & an inherited incompetency for production & as a consequence a world leading reproduction.

There’s obviously an urgent need to make the life story abt Ayaan Hirsi Ali compulsory teaching at school (instead of trying to kill the victim/messenger)! And if you haven’t time enough, remove islam lessons! Instead of guarding the values (Negative Human Rights) which refugees from islam so much appreciate, politically corect “Westerners” assist islam in destroying them! That's treason against Ayaan Hirsi Ali & her alikes!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "I confront the European elite's self-image as tolerant 'while under their noses women are living like slaves"

Islam: “I have been made victorious with terror
Sahih al-Bukhari Book 4 :: Volume 52 :: Hadith 220”

Grim child abuse & neglect neglected. Why?!

Would you care for child abuse only when the person who was abused was a child, but then reverse your opinion when this abused child grows up

As a five years old in an islamic country Ayaan Hirsi Ali was made "pure" by having her genitals “hacked out with a knife” by her grandmother and two other women who pulled her legs apart and cut away her clitoris and labia. It sounded "like a butcher, snipping the fat off a piece of meat." The bleeding wound was then sewn up to function as a chastity belt.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "In islam I could never become an adult. I would always be a minor, my decisions made for me. But I wanted to become an individual, with a life of my own." She then heard about the horrible and disgusting “Western” infidel world where boys and girls played together on the basis of equality, and women chose their own mates and friends.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali turned first to its polar opposite: the very Islamic fundamentalism that now wants to kill her. Ayaan was taught from infancy to revere to Mohammed and the Koran, and she desperately wanted to please his path which seemed to her the only one.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali about the headscarf: "It had a thrill to it, a sensuous feeling. It made me feel powerful: underneath this screen lay a previously unsuspected, but potentially lethal, femininity. It sent out a message of superiority: I was the one true Muslim."

In prayer groups she read the texts of Sayyid Qutb and Hassan al Banna - al Qaeda's philosophers.

She wanted Sulman Rushdie dead. "I supported it and the logic of my position is that I would have become a martyr myself, or supported the people [who did become martyrs]".

In the "infidel land", however, she found real peace that seemed like Paradise. "In the Netherlands I saw people we called infidels living an amazing life - men and women mixing, gay people being free, you could say whatever you wanted. - Then I went back to the asylum seekers' centre and almost everyone was from a Muslim country begging for the charity of these infidels. And I thought, if we're so superior, why are we begging from them?" And without her hijab she wasn't harassed and raped by the sex-crazed infidel! But the domestic violence shelters were disproportionately crammed with Muslim women fleeing male terror.

She then read the works of Enlightenment philosophy. "Sometimes it seemed as if every page I read challenged me as a Muslim. Drinking wine and wearing trousers was nothing compared to reading the history of ideas. The Enlightenment cut European culture from its roots in old fixed ideas of magic, kingship, social hierarchy and the domination of priests, and recrafted it onto a great strong trunk that supported the equality of each individual, and his right to free opinions and self-rule".

However, she also found that many otherwise good people didn't speak out against islam's abuse of women and gay people within immigrant communities. A policy called "emancipation within your own circle" was a betrayal aainst refugees from islam. "Multiculturalism was elevating cultures full of bigotry and hatred towards women to the stature if respectable alternative ways of life. I wanted Muslim women to be aware of just how bad, and unacceptable, their suffering was. I wanted to help them develop the vocabulary of resistance".

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "9/11 was not just Islam, this was the core of Islam".

Ayaan Hirsi Ali eventually settled intellectually with the 18th C philospoher Mary Wollstonecraft. Klevius comment: Who wrote on the importance of educating daughters out of the trap of femininity & sex segregation!

UK etc prisons turned into violent Islamic madrassas - as a result of the anti-"islamophobia" campaign!

A review of a UK high-security facility at Cambridgeshire found that dangerous Muslim islamists had taken the command while "staff appeared reluctant to challenge inappropriate behavior", out of fear of being accused of "islamophobia". The Ministry of Justice's response was quite the opposite to what could have been expected: "Increase mutual understanding between staff and prisoners"!

As a consequence a convicted islamic Al-Qaeda terrorist who planned a "dirty bomb" attack in London, was invited to take part in comedy classes while in prison
An other inspection report concludes that muslim islamists have stepped up efforts "to force other inmates to convert to islam". Muslim islamist Al-Qaeda supporters have also set up an own "court" which orders punishments to be executed.

The stereotype of the “peaceful” muslim isn’t true. S/he isn’t necessarily peaceful but rather ignorant about the true (historical) nature of her/his* own "faith"!
* only Semitic & Indoeuropean languages have the stupid & sexist he/she apartheid! Learn more on KLEVUX!