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Sex apartheid - one reason why islam is incompatible with Human Rights

We're all born unequal, that's why we need Human Rights, not islam!

Klevius is probably now the world's foremost expert on sex segregation (sad, isn't it), and islam (the worst crime ever) is the foremost expression of sex apartheid. By 'islam' Klevius of course means OIC's Human Rights violating Sharia declaration.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

While OIC Sharia islam violates girls/women's Human Rights media is silent! Why?

Ignorance, not bombs, is the main reason so many haven't as yet understood that islam was/is the worst crime ever against humanity (remember, unlike islam, Klevius considers girls/women as fully humans - without any reserve)!

Klevius comment: The OIC process of introducing Human Rights violations against girls/women has been ongoing for some time. However, although you will find many news every day abt OIC, Sharia and finance, you will not find a single one abt OIC Sharia and women! Time to wake up?!
This gives a tiny glimpse of how Google is able to steer what it likes/dislikes you to you see! It wasn't necessarily you who elected muslim (i.e. against freedom & US constitution) Mr X "president", it was Google & Co!

The by far most important news issue now is the ongoing slaughtering of Negative Human Rights through islam's terror campaign against them in the UN & elsewhere!

The Saudi Caliph was muslim born Mr X "president's" first call! And when you look at his pals you may understand why!Girls/women! Don't count on these "men"!

Pinar Ilkkaracan in Do women and girls have human rights?: At the 1995 conference in Beijing there were already signs of backlash, among them an evident increase in coordination efforts by the religious conservative opposition. An alliance of Muslim and Christian (mainly Catholic) delegations made sexuality - sexual orientation, women's control of their bodies and abortion - a topic of major debate, and strongly objected to the term "women's and girls' sexual rights".

The remarkably smooth, friendly cooperation between Christian and Muslim religious conservatives there (illustrated by Catholic nuns in their habits and Muslim women waering hijab walking arm-in-arm.

At the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in March 2003 a group of conservative Muslim delegates tried to reverse gains women had made over many years by rejecting a previously agreed-upon text.

At the United Nations general assembly special session (Ungass) on HIV/Aids+5, held in New York in 2006, all Muslim states joined together for the first time at a UN Ecosoc meeting under the banner of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC). OIC provided an umbrella for all Muslim states to forge a "Muslim identity" to challenge several proposals (especially those related to sexuality) made by Northern states.

Klevius comment: Pinar Ilkkaracan, who accused Bush & Co for this backlash, wrote this in 2007, before the muslim Mr X "president" introduced the real backlash, an even much more conservative Saudi inspired islamic agenda on sex segregation! Take a look, for example, at Wahhabi inspired & Saudi funded president of the Islamic Society of North America Ingrid Mattson (seen at Mr X "president's" left ear above)!

Klevius, your unbiased IQ rock when Google, Wikipedia etc betray you!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Islamic Sharia dress code rules equally in Nigeria & UK while BBC talks cover up rubbish

Islam is sicker than anything else simply because it was really intended to be evil from scratch - see Origin of islam! Islam is the ultimate excuse for parasitism, theft, rape & murderThis is why islam is so confined (totalitarian) in itself. Every crack in islam's racist/sexist insulation is a lethal threat against islam itself. That's why Sharia, apostasy ban, sex segregation etc are so crucial to islamic fascism!

Kenya, Nigeria Philippines etc in the grip of islamic jihad fascism while the Saudi puppet, Mohammed Mr X "president" bows for & respect Sharia islam & its Saudi Caliphate while churches burn, people are persecuted, raped & murdered!

In UK people of all other faiths & non-faiths need to follow muslim Sharia when, for example, visiting a bath house!
In Nigeria the archbishop of Jos, Ignatius Kaigama says that the introduction of islamist Shariah law is the core cause of tensions between Christians and Mohammedans. And as we all know who don't rely on BBC & Al-Jazeera etc, it's the muslim jihadists who are the main murderers as they have been for some 1400 yrs now!

Kaigama: "there is this propaganda of both Islam and Christianity; every religion wants to control, more or less, the whole system and therefore there is that competition, and when the Shariah, for instance, was introduced recently, the Christians felt threatened."

Kaigama: "Since the introduction of the Shariah there has been great tension, there has been an uneasy relationship and this has erupted into violence sometimes. These are testimonies to the fact that there have been a lot of religious crises in Nigeria and most of these have occurred in the (muslim) north."

Klevius comment: Christians feel threatened because they are not only the minority but they are heavily persecuted & their churches burnt by islam jihadism while BBC sees it as if the Jews in the Holocoust were just a part in "ethnic/religious tensions" .

Kaigama: "If, for example, your business is selling drinks, the Shariah does not allow that, so you lose your business. Even the mode of dressing and freedom of worship and religion is threatened so Christians have a reason to be very worried and that is why some have left the area of their residence and some have closed business because some of them were not sure what was going to happen.@

"Violence could erupt at any moment and so to prevent that, they have left and closed business that is how it has been. Over 300 churches have been destroyed in four years."

"In Zamfara, for example, men and women are obliged to travel on separate public transport and the dress code is Islamic."

Klevius comment: Isn't this quite logical that the evil ideology of islam which sucked the blood out of Africa during 1400 yrs of constant enslavement, genocides, rapetivism, now is the remaining power of African apartheid!

"In the southern part of Nigeria where it is still predominantly Christian, it is possible for a Muslim to convert to Christianity; but in the north, it is not possible for a Muslim to convert to Christianity."

Kaigama: "We tell our Christians to stand up for your faith.

Klevius: Stand up against racist/sexist "monotheisms" (of which islam is the most elaborate evil of them all) & for freedom under the ultimate responsibility of Negative Human Rights - you know, those freedom rights Mr X "president" together with OIC tries to terminate by the help of islam!

And btw, shame on you Africa who used to have true ancestor religions instead of the fascist Arabic slavery "religion" that has strangled you for 1400 yrs. Read Klevius definition & origin of religion!