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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A question to black racists & sexists: Would Caster Semenya qualify for a burka?

Klevius anti racism/sexism sites/blogs are the only ones (so far) fully addressing our foolish upholding of artificial (cultural) sex segregation with due silly (& sometimes tragic) consequences!Although Caster Semenya probably lives in a quite sex segregated social setting herself (“She was stripped of a medal after local teachers complained,” according to her former headmaster), in sports females but not males can be questioned, simply because females per definition perform lower results. So because one cannot divide humanity in two parts based on biological sex some questions can always be utilized for sexism. What is at stake in her case is more the stupid questioning of her "femininity", a disgusting sexist jail often guarded by other women in the Westernized world & other women & men in islamized socities. Whereas, according to the Western (UN) Human Rights Declaration from 1948 a girl's/woman's freedom should not be violated on the basis of sex, according to the Saudi initiated islamic Cairo declaration on "human rights" from 1990 such violations are not only possible but the (Sharia) law (see The African heroine vs Abdullah & Co)! Note that "Western" isn't a race or religion but the inevitable consequence of technological progress for everyone who doesn't want to "burk" herself ('burk' means a sealed container/can in Swedish)!

Mvusiwekhaya Sicwetsha: "I am talking about the pathetic racial and gender attack on Caster Semenya by the IAAF Secretary General, a certain WHITE man (who) had the audacity to face the world media and vomit this vitriol!! How pathetic!!!. Obviously this organization does not only disrespect Semenya, they disrespect women, they disrespect black people, the disrespect Africans, and they disrespect black people all over the world."

Klevius comment: Pls, Mvusiwekhaya Sicwetsha, try to calm down your (deliberately?!) confused fanatic racist hate mongering & give som space for reason, will you! Apart from the fact that IAAF hasn't questioned Caster Semenya's gender (no one should question anyone's gender - gender is a feminist/chauvinist invention for the purpose of upholding sex segregation) but her sex (because they had to when some sexist female competitors demanded it), what has the skin color of the IAAF representative to do with it?! And, btw, isn't "and they (therefore) disrespect black people all over the world" quite a far-fetched conclusion unless, of course, you abuse the same rhetoric as the Saudi guardians of islam who, despite the fact that Arabic islam is historically the worst crime ever against humanity in general & black Africa in particular, utilize the same type of racist (& sexist) hate mongering. Hopefully you didn't really understood what you were writing, right!

Mvusiwekhaya Sicwetsha: "When Usain Bolt from Jamaica won in the Olympics, the (whites or non-blacks?!) elements who try to be better than black people surfaced and made all claims."

Klevius comment: Jamaica has a population of some less than 3 Million blacks. Yet, the Jamaican blacks manage to outperform Africa's almost 1 Billion blacks!

Mvusiwekhaya Sicwetsha: "We had our own countries, these white people came and tried to steal it, we forgave them, and they took many of us to the foreign nations. We win sport codes, they undermine us. What the hell!!!!!!!"

Klevius comment: Read your history! It was Arabic islam that enslaved Africa & the Europeans who stopped most of it. As you might know slavery is not only sanctioned by islam but also its very foundation!

Senseless Wikipedia

Elisa Cusma was one of the competitors who accused Caster Semenya of not being a woman. This is what the laughable & useless charlatan "dictionary" called Wikipedia has to say abt her 21 August 2009!