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Klevius is probably now the world's foremost expert on sex segregation (sad, isn't it), and islam (the worst crime ever) is the foremost expression of sex apartheid. By 'islam' Klevius of course means OIC's Human Rights violating Sharia declaration.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why islam treats infidels as non-humans & girls/women as animals

The most racist "faith" (read political extremism with totalitarian aims) happens also to be the most sexist

You will never understand islam (& its innate evilness) if you don't understand its original formula of islamic finance based on infidel racism, enslavement & rapetivism, i.e. confinement of girls/women! As a consequence it would be logically suicidal for islam not to be racist & sexist.

Koran only accepts muslims as real human beings. This (im)moral but loical justification of jihad, slavery & rapetivism, is also the background to islam’s view on missionary (moreover, the Koran should be read in Arabic so that the infidels shouldn’t understand). However, this is also islam’s intellectual shot in its foot, because 1400 years ago the storage of non-human infidels available for slavery/rapetivism seemed without limits. As a consequence negative human rights & abolition of slavery are words foreign to the Koran & islam! And because of the same reason islam treats females as segregated animals kept & confined for sex & breeding only. What goes beyond this isn’t islam! Polygamy, deeply unjust inheritance laws, sanctioned rape within marriage as well as outside it (against infidels - which could, of course, include not good enough muslims) etc. are just some examples in the overall pattern of islamic evilness born out of the economically successful idea of parasitism. Today, when the discrepancies between Koranic islam & negative human rights (freedom) are striking, desperate efforts are made to "talk it away"* or simply to silence critique of islam.
* e.g. that a muslim man needs four wives so he can copulate also during menses.

Some picks of Koran's endless storage of misogyny: II/223: Your women are a tilth for you. So go to your tilth as ye will...
Koran IV/34: Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other..
IV/15: (For women) If any one of your women is guilty of lewdness ...confine them until death claims them.
IV/16: (For Men) If two men among you commit indecency (sodomy) punish them both. If they repent and mend their ways, let them be. Allah is forgiving and merciful.

Can a true muslim work as a police in a free nation?

If any ideology may be considered racist in the modern world it's certainly islam with its Koranic infidel racism connected to the Koran's nature as the unchangeable words of islam's "god". So why are muslims allowed in the British police when BNC members are not?!

Muslim terrorists behind California (& other) blazes?

A Pakistani muslim/islamic website: "Wherever there is summer we must prepare to launch forest jihad. The benefits of such an attack are that they will cause casualties among our enemies, create timber shortages for their buildings and strain their emergency services. That will create a way for us to launch further attacks against their infrastructure." In addition Google Earth is referred to as an excellent source for planning such terrorist acts.

Also compare islam's long tradition of terrorizing libraries etc, exemplified by what happened at Stockholm University & how it was silenced!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The ”white Western whores” top gender equality list while "the universal truth abt islam" is at the bottom end

B.* Hussein Osama** wrote a book abt his wealthy but absent father but not abt his poor, single mother who served the even poorer!
* B stands for either Arabic Barack or American Barry. He used Barry before he went to Pakistan in his twenties!
** Obama is a Swahili form of Arabic Osama (and Swahili is the islamic/Arabic slave raid/trade language that developed in the interface between muslim Arab slave traders & those wealthy Africans who captured/sold poor Africans as slaves to islam in a never ending stream that halted Africa's development for 1400 years & which was already in the 8th & 9th century so extensive that African slaves on the sugar cane plantations in what is now Iraq probably counted in millions (one of many slave rebellions involved half a million slaves just in the Basra area). This islamic drainage of African slaves continued up to today, only temporarily & to a minor extent weakened by powerful European anti-slave campaigns during the time of "colonization" - see Origin of islam, the worst crime ever). Btw, Klevius is so far the only one who has given a satisfactory explanation to islam's rapid growth & spread despite the inevitable fact that the Arab muslims were culturally much inferior than the civilized neighbors they invaded & from whom they stole/copied/enforced everything what ignorant morons now label "islamic". This is why early mosques etc "islamic architecture & art" show such a cheap, confused & naive "put together (or rather enforce someone else) what you find" mentality. The only originally islamic was rapetivism the parasitic slave based islamic system of finance-jihad coupled with violent terror & Sharia! Parasitic slavery IS the main idea in islam & that's why it's proposed & sanctioned in the Koran (& according to islam Koran shouldn't be altered in any sense but read as it was & only in Arabic - compare the Pope's verdict: "Islam's stuck with its Koran")!

Islam's bottomless & parasitic misogyny contrasted with the view on girls/women in secular countries

"The universal truth about islam" is that this worst crime ever against humanity (1400 years of slavery/rapetivism/genocides) is based on sex segregated parasitism. No wonder then that "the decadent Western infidel whores" are the main target (together with the girls/women in Darfur & elsewhere) for islam's jihadists' (boosted by Saudi Abdullah & Co) raping, assaulting, murdering or simply "marrying" into islamic sharia confined rapetivism.

In the latest annual "gender"* equality analysis released Wednesday by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum, four European countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland - in this order) again topped the world while the main islamic countries were at the bottom end with Yemen and & the "homeland" of islam, Abdullah's Saudi Arabia last. I.e. those islamofascist countries which now try to abuse U.N. for the purpose of criminalizing every effort to critically scrutinize islam!

Also note that the homeland (Canada) of B. Hussein Onama's sharia preaching islamofascist female leader of American muslims (Ingrid Mattson), for the first time dropped below the US and is now ranked 31!

Islam's destructive confinement of girls/women

The Arabic slave "religion" islam (i.e. parasitism) confines "its" female slave victims in a Sharia/burka institution for the alleged purpose of "protecting" them from "the lust* of (other) males" while, in fact, abusing them for sex & the reproduction of islam. These poor girls/women aren't even allowed to marry "infidels" (meaning non-humans in Koran/islam's utterly racist vocabulary) whereas muslim males are allowed to marry outside islam & to rape whoever of the despicable non-muslim, i.e. non-human whores! According to islam males can't stand heterosexual attraction caused by female body forms (learn abt Heterosexual attraction & Gametes have no sex). This is of course the most disastrous & treacherous lie you can think of (see What's sex segregation?), but by keeping it up & learning young boys the same racist sex-fascism islam can defend the confinement of "its" females while mongering rape/hate jihad against the despicable Western whores (or African etc non-muslims for that matter).

Sadly, because of a remaining (albeit not even close to islam's medieval backwardness) cultural sex segregation in the "West", a culture of patriarchal rapetivism attitudes has prevailed & even being boosted by islamic oil fueled propaganda. This "Western" sex segregation (see e.g. From Klevius without love) has actively been underpinned by "feminist" separatism which, in turn, has been fertilized by women's fear of that very same rapetivism (ironically much of Western feminism has been pointed towards "sexual freedom" whereas in e.g. early Japanese feminism it was spelled "freedom from (pushed/institutionalized) sex". Against this background the most pathetic (& tragic) woman may well be the one who, by free will/stupidity, confines herself into racist/sexist islamofascism, hence causing tremendous harm also to other girls/women!
* Heterosexual attraction is implanted in the male eye & therefore less understandable for females. Feminists use to neglect the issue. However, the male appreciation of the female body isn't sex per se & doesn't in any sense predestined for rape or pushed sex other han culturally, e.g. in the form of islam. This is a core issue in Klevius analysis of "artificial sex segregation".

Tomboys & moderate islamofascism

Malaysia's National Fatwa Council has ruled that by wearing trousers young girls risk becoming "tomboys" & sexually active. KLevius comment: Yes, tight trousers certainly leaves more room for heterosexual attraction than do burkas. But what has it to do with "sexually active". Does this strange logic, in fact, mean that they risk becoming raped by islam's jihadist fanatics who have been fed by Koranic woman hatred through all of their young lives?! The term "Tomboy" has nothing with sex to do but all to do with girls' freedom (see Definition of Tomboy"!

Malaysia's moderate islamofascist Inspector General of Police, Musa Hassan: "I'm warning them and will take stern action as it involves national security"! "Moderate" islamofascist Malaysia also frowns on oral & gay sex, & offenders can be jailed for 20 years. Moreover "moderate" islamofascist Malaysia is also considering barring muslims from practicing yoga. Klevius comment: Btw, isn't it fantastic that Western politicians & media seems to completely neglect e.g. Buddhism & other secularist views while promoting the most disgusting ideology you can imagine!?

Financial sharia jihad

Not only does Saudi Abdullah & Co stand behind islamic hate mongering & the silencing of islam's crimes, they also stand behind a giant effort to use petro dollars for the purpose of imposing sharia via so called "sharia finance" on Western (read free) societies in the wake of the credit crisis (in the US initially caused by Obama's financial advisors' & Democrats' loose mortgage etc policies).

So when you look at the picture to the left you see the most free woman in the world beaten up (via oil fueled hate jihad propaganda) by the "king" of the most intolerant and repressive islamic country in the world! But everything makes complete sense when you read Origin of Vikings & islam and apply it on e.g. East Africa etc.

Islam is inherently totalitarian & evil & there is no "moderate" form of it other than as a temporary cover up for the purpose of cheating those millions who are ignorent abt it. True, many "moderate muslims" are no real muslims at all but function as democratic spearheads for sharia totalitarianism.

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