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Sex apartheid - one reason why islam is incompatible with Human Rights

We're all born unequal, that's why we need Human Rights, not islam!

Klevius is probably now the world's foremost expert on sex segregation (sad, isn't it), and islam (the worst crime ever) is the foremost expression of sex apartheid. By 'islam' Klevius of course means OIC's Human Rights violating Sharia declaration.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Swedish social state kidnaps kids on purely subjective grounds

Six year old girl forcibly kidnapped by the help of Swedish police

An Indian-Swedish homeschooling family named Johansson, could permanently loose their only child Dominic to the Swedish state "care" (notorious for its grim failures - see Klevius thesis on the Swedish child "protection" act/system) simply because they home-school.

Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) and the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) are now joining forces as legal advisors to the family in order to persuade the Swedish government to return the seven-year-old child to his parents.

Klevius comment: Sadly these attorneys don't undserstand the sophisticated social fascism hidden in the Swedish LVU (child "protection" act), few really do because of Sweden's peculiar judicial habit of hiding treacherous criterion outside the glossy & misleading text in the act (see my thesis). Homeschooling isn't a criterion for child protection. However, LVU is full of other creepy & hidden criterion that makes it possible to officially kidnap a child (see "Pathological symbiosis" to understand the judicial backgrounnd, & Angels of Antichrist to understand the sociological background).

The officials did not have a warrant nor have they charged the Johanssons with any crime but seized the child because they want the government to raise Dominic in the notorious Swedish foster care/treatment home which has for long proved disastrous for children.

Klevius comment: My friend at the Swedish Social Board (Socialstyrelsen) Bo Vinnerjung has made extensive & revealing research on this topic, but, as I wrote in Angels of Antichrist 1996 (same year as Vinnerjung's thesis Foster children as grown ups was published) the massive social bureaucracy is so rooted in the Swedish state & mindset that it's almost immovable (although Sweden now, on the paper, has a non-socialist government this hasn't altered what some 80 yrs of social socialism has created within the holy state bureaucracy). Muslim's, however, are busy trying to exclude themselves (compare Sharia) from the Swedish system. Their state representative even visited at least one of my lectures abt the Swedish child protection act.

“It’s one of the most disgraceful abuses of power we have ever witnessed,” said HSLDA attorney Mike Donnelly. “The Swedish government says it is exercising its authority under the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child in their unnecessary break up of this family. In addition, the Swedish Parliament is considering an essential ban on home schooling. We have heard that other home-schooling families in Sweden are having more difficulty with local officials. We fear that all home-schooling families in that country are at risk.”

Klevius comment: Statistically homeschooled kids outperform other kids. Only if you include handicapped & mentally retarded/ill kids (who simply can't attend school) in the stats can you get a different, albeit heavily biased view on the matter.

1996 I warned the world abt the Swedish social state (see my website Angels of Antichrist - social state vs kinship, possibly the most important sociological paper written in the last century - I'm a humble person so I won't stretch it to the last Millennia, though). I wrote that Sweden has compulsory school attendance instead of the usual compulsory education (as in its neighbor countries), & that Swedish state atrocities manage to hide behind the legal term "margin of appreciation" which effectively blocks out human rights interventions (see e.g. The European Court of Human Rights decision Konrad vs Germany).

I also warned visitors to Sweden that their kids could be KIDnapped on purely subjective grounds (see my creepy but unique & revealing thesis 'Pathological Symbiosis' on the Swedish child "protection" act LVU - it's a thriller!). However, I concluded with the question WE ALL need to address: Do we want social pluralism/freedom or totalitarianism? The creeping social state (or theocratic state, if you like) takes every opportunity gnawing on your negative human rights!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rifqa Bary, the heroine apostate, vs bigot/false islam supporters

Here's what Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel "Staff Writer" has to say abt Rifqa Bary, 17, who committed apsotasy against islam in the US, & now fears for her life:
"Fathima Rifqa Bary, 17, is currently living with a foster family in the Orlando area. She fled Columbus aboard a Greyhound bus in July, saying her father had threatened to kill her because she had abandoned his faith -- Islam -- and become a Christian. Her father, Mohamed Bary, a jeweler and Amway distributor, says that never happened. A Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation supports his claim. So does Franklin County Children's Services, the child welfare agency serving Columbus."

Klevius comment: Isn't that amazing! Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation, as well as Franklin County Children's Services, both support the fathers claim that he hadn't threatened to kill her! Since when have those institutions become able to know what has happened between two individuals?! Or do they possess 24 hour surveillance & 100% reliable witnesses for the time period in question?! I beg to doubt it!

Rene Stutzman's conclusion either reflects an IQ level disturbingly close to a brick, or a sensless streching of imagination in the service of islam, the worst crime ever against humanity (1400 yrs of slavery, genocides & rapetivism based on an original ideology that is still cemented in the Koran, "Allah's" unaltered words - see Origin of islam)!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Is Klevius your only (so far) key to an in depth understanding of islam ?

While the Saudi puppet (i.e. Mr X who calls himself "president") in the White House "respects" islamic rapings, assaults & murders*, Klevius condemns them & offers a key that opens the Koran without learning Arabic or consulting islamists.

* Islam is (as everyone - except brainwashed school kids - should know by now) based on jihadist enslavement & rapetivism! No matter if it was/is through violent conquest or "peaceful" trading in slaves/women!

In order to show how/why Peter Klevius is still unique in addressing sex segregation as the main interface between Western Enlightenment & the Oriental beast, one needs to understand the history of the rapid initial spreading of what was quickly to become the worst crime ever against humanity.

The background for islamic/muslim sex slavery has been described by many but can be exemplified here through K. A. Lal:

"In the campaigns launched by Muslims, it was easy to capture women, more so after their menfolk had been massacred. The Prophet's one great aim was propagation of his religion and as Margoliouth observes, Abu Bakr (the chief campaigner for Muhammad’s creed) probably was aware that women are more amenable to conversion than men slaves than freemen, persons in distress than persons in prosperity and affluence. Women slaves turned concubines could increase Muslim population by leaps and bounds when captured in large numbers. Hence there was particular keenness on enslaving women from the very beginning of Islam."

So what does Klevius add to this?

Klevius is the first one (see e.g. Klevius psychosocial Freud timeline - you know, the guy who said that "women need a normal penis several times" to avoid going nuts, & From Klevius without love) to point out that:

Industrialization (released by protestants against totalitarian religion) paved the way for Negative Human Rights & the idea that every individual, no matter of sex, etc should be free. As a result all women (except muslim women) in the Western civilization are free & on an equal judicial standing with men. However, Western society, although the birthplace for Negative Human Rights is still contaminated by cultural sex segregation, hence contributing to the social inflammation called islam. A clue to understanding Klevius analysis is his analysis of feminism, i.e. that true feminism is what the word implies, i.e. the guarding & segregation of cultural 'femininity'. One has to realize that true feminism thus has a lot in common with islam although many have misunderstood this.

There's only one original islam but a variety of ignorance among muslims

The pathetic excuse that "most muslims are moderate" shoould in fact read "most muslims don't have a clue abt what islam is outside what they have heard from some imams"! Most muslims would leave islam if they'd known (or if they'd dared to). The other option being a moderate apostasy from islam into Western civilization (& with four wives).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A question to black racists & sexists: Would Caster Semenya qualify for a burka?

Klevius anti racism/sexism sites/blogs are the only ones (so far) fully addressing our foolish upholding of artificial (cultural) sex segregation with due silly (& sometimes tragic) consequences!Although Caster Semenya probably lives in a quite sex segregated social setting herself (“She was stripped of a medal after local teachers complained,” according to her former headmaster), in sports females but not males can be questioned, simply because females per definition perform lower results. So because one cannot divide humanity in two parts based on biological sex some questions can always be utilized for sexism. What is at stake in her case is more the stupid questioning of her "femininity", a disgusting sexist jail often guarded by other women in the Westernized world & other women & men in islamized socities. Whereas, according to the Western (UN) Human Rights Declaration from 1948 a girl's/woman's freedom should not be violated on the basis of sex, according to the Saudi initiated islamic Cairo declaration on "human rights" from 1990 such violations are not only possible but the (Sharia) law (see The African heroine vs Abdullah & Co)! Note that "Western" isn't a race or religion but the inevitable consequence of technological progress for everyone who doesn't want to "burk" herself ('burk' means a sealed container/can in Swedish)!

Mvusiwekhaya Sicwetsha: "I am talking about the pathetic racial and gender attack on Caster Semenya by the IAAF Secretary General, a certain WHITE man (who) had the audacity to face the world media and vomit this vitriol!! How pathetic!!!. Obviously this organization does not only disrespect Semenya, they disrespect women, they disrespect black people, the disrespect Africans, and they disrespect black people all over the world."

Klevius comment: Pls, Mvusiwekhaya Sicwetsha, try to calm down your (deliberately?!) confused fanatic racist hate mongering & give som space for reason, will you! Apart from the fact that IAAF hasn't questioned Caster Semenya's gender (no one should question anyone's gender - gender is a feminist/chauvinist invention for the purpose of upholding sex segregation) but her sex (because they had to when some sexist female competitors demanded it), what has the skin color of the IAAF representative to do with it?! And, btw, isn't "and they (therefore) disrespect black people all over the world" quite a far-fetched conclusion unless, of course, you abuse the same rhetoric as the Saudi guardians of islam who, despite the fact that Arabic islam is historically the worst crime ever against humanity in general & black Africa in particular, utilize the same type of racist (& sexist) hate mongering. Hopefully you didn't really understood what you were writing, right!

Mvusiwekhaya Sicwetsha: "When Usain Bolt from Jamaica won in the Olympics, the (whites or non-blacks?!) elements who try to be better than black people surfaced and made all claims."

Klevius comment: Jamaica has a population of some less than 3 Million blacks. Yet, the Jamaican blacks manage to outperform Africa's almost 1 Billion blacks!

Mvusiwekhaya Sicwetsha: "We had our own countries, these white people came and tried to steal it, we forgave them, and they took many of us to the foreign nations. We win sport codes, they undermine us. What the hell!!!!!!!"

Klevius comment: Read your history! It was Arabic islam that enslaved Africa & the Europeans who stopped most of it. As you might know slavery is not only sanctioned by islam but also its very foundation!

Senseless Wikipedia

Elisa Cusma was one of the competitors who accused Caster Semenya of not being a woman. This is what the laughable & useless charlatan "dictionary" called Wikipedia has to say abt her 21 August 2009!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mr X "president's" R&R: Respect for Rapetivism, the soul of ALL forms of islam

Muslium born & muslim adopted Mr X "president" Barry Barack Hussein Obama Dunham Soetoro (or whatever) whose first call was to the Saudi islamofascist "king" to whom he later, at their first meeting, deeply bowed in London, is a shame for USA & its constitution. And his other friends certainly fit the pic. Can you tell who is a moderate muslim eager to broadcast a secular picture of islam's peacefulness, & who recently stabbed his divorcing wife at least 9 times & then chopped her head off while she was still alive? OK, I agree, they all look capable of it. Correct answer is the guy who's rewarded by top islamofascists from Obama's beloved US muslim terror organization CAIR (The Council on American Islamic Relations). Btw, the British lord Ahmed (who threatened Britain with 10000 street jihadists if the truth sayer & freedom fighter Geert Wilders (a politician who isn't a whore) was allowed entrance to Britain) to the right is also accused of murder & causing death (this dangerous islamofascist recently got away with only 3 months in jail because the biased British court "thought" he had just stopped his 20 minute constant SMS session while driving, just seconds before he killed a person!? Btw, Mr X "president's" first call was to the islamofascist Saudi leader whose legal adviser is the Nation of Islam guy at his right ear while Ingrid Mattson at his left ear is a wahhabist islamofascist who wants to make islam & Sharia the new constitution of USA!

The utopian idea abt a reformed & secular islam stumbles on sex segregation & rapetivism, the sex enslavement that constitutes the origin & basis for islamic jihad

Tarek Fatah: "Muslims opposed to the Islamist agenda cannot be fooled or charmed in a way naive liberal-left politicians can. In fact, radical jihadis and their Islamist apologists have been targeting fellow Muslims for decades. Their conflict with the West is only recent. Long before Islamists donned anti-imperialist paraphernalia, they were the loyal storm troopers for the United States, targeting left-wing and secular Muslims or anyone who was able to unmask their fascist agenda and links to Saudi-funded Wahhabis. Even today, the primary enemy of the Islamist is the fellow Muslim who is unwilling to surrender to the harsh literalist and supremacist use of Islam as a political tool."

Klevius comment: Unfortunately & like many others, these naive (or deliberate?) "secular muslims" don't bother to address the most importunate quesion abt islam, i.e. sex slavery!

Klevius advice: Man, check the mirror! Isn't there a Taliban after all? And you girl/woman, check out you aren't a rape victim or a self rapist?

Also consider Original islam again attacking Pakistan

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Muslim born* Mr X "president's" Judas bow a disastrous blow to hundreds of Millions of girls & women

* A muslim child is defined by his father. And if he leaves islam he commits apostasy which is the worst crime in islam, the most intolerant, totalitarian, racist & sexist "faith" on the planet! Mr X "president" hasn't bothered to tell the US people who he is (his real birth certificate) nor if he has left islam. In fact he hasn't even admitted being a muslim although according to ALL main islamic schools he is (albeit they don't make any noise abt it - so far)! Is this why Mr X "respects" the worst crime ever against humanity?

Unconstitutional & illegitimate Mr X "president" Barry Barack Hussein Dunham Obama Soetoro's (or whatever) bow in front of the most intolerant hate mongering dictator in the world emboldens mainstream islamic parties around the world to push for anti democratic & sexist islamofascist law. Not only does Mr X "president" abandon girls & women in Darfur, the Swat valley & Afghanistan but also in the US itself. His close islamofascist friend Ingrid Mattson, the Saudi supported leader of American muslims, is right now busy propagating for a US constitution based on islam! Sanctioned by muslim born Mr X "president"! Also figures like Don Warden, aka Khalid al-Mansour, the Nation of Islam guy who "fostered" Obama & who is the legal adviser of Saudi Abdullah & CO, works in this plot against the US constitution.

Please note that all of mainstream media have refused to inform abt this ridiculous bow (not even the Saudi dictator himself approves of it!

Klevius comment: All of this is possible because of the silence of powerful Western women. The only true female resistance against islamofascism comes from outside the West. And ultimately all of this is possible because the West hasn't dared to enforce the true rights of women, i.e. not to be subject to cultural sex segregation. This latter issue, now the most crucial of them all, is still only addressed by Klevius in full (see e.g. Angels of Antichrist - kinship vs social state from 1996).

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Are women humans? According to islam they are not. What abt you?

Klevius quiz: Why are there less than 10 Million (& declining) Jews in the world but more than
1 Billion muslims (& rapidly increasing)? Hint: Only Jewish women reproduce Jews whereas no matter who is your mother you are born muslim when the male genitor (historically most often a rapist/jihadist) is a muslim - moreover, because of the apostasy ban you're stuck in your muslimhood! And who do you think can produce more, one Jewish woman or 4+ whatever women? Even muslims with only one wife tend to squeeze out many more than in average. Combined with some other factors the number of, for example, British muslims reportedly increase tenfold compared to non-muslims.

The islamic slave chattel includes muslim women

OIC, i.e. the Organization of 57 Islamofascist Countries, have introduced what they call "islamic human rights", which is, of course, not only a scandalous offense against the original negative UN Human Rights from 1948, but also a deliberate blurring of their most core meaning. So why did they do it?

Klevius answer: Simply because islam/Koran recognizes women as only sub-humans, whereas, according to the Negative Human Rights, women are seen as fully humans & therefore eligible for the same freedom as men. The islamofascists' theft of the concept "human rights" is for the sole purpose of covering up women's sub-human status under the oppressive words "duties & responsibilities" (i.e. Sharia sexist sex segregation/rapetivism)in OIC's Cairo Declaration.

Islam is, by far, the worst crime ever against humanity. It's based on slavery, Koran sanctions slavery, & ALL islamic "civilizations" have lived on slavery. When West eventually managed to stop most of islamic slavery (it's still going on) West also gave the islamofascists an alternative free income, oil! The amount of islamic genocides through 1400 years alone renders it the worst crime ever. Top that with hundreds of Millions of slaves plus many more who died even before they reached the slave market (according to some researchers' estimation up to 90% died during transport! Most girls/women were sold as sex slaves whereas most males (if they weren't simply killed in the many genocides or castrated) were used/sold as plantation slaves.

Sharia in America

by Ayesha Ahmed


Omar M. Ahmad founder of CAIR said: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant" he said. "The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth," he said.

Americans should give a serious thought to CAIR's agenda.. If Islam and sharia is adopted in America, It will be great. .

Muslims are right. Non of the existing Islamic countries are truly Islamic, that is why they don't progress and most of them are poor, corrupt and miserable. We must implement 100% sharia and sunna to get full benefits of Islam. Inshallah we will try to do it in USA to make it the first real Muslim country after the days of rightly guided khalifas Consider the following advantages:

- America can go to jihad against non Muslim countries. It will bring immense wealth in booty and millions of captured women. Canada and Mexico can be easy targets and are conveniently located for easy assault and hauling of booty.

- Since slavery will be allowed government can open slave markets to sell it's 20% share of the captured women.

- Captured women/slave- girls can provide affordable domestic help for house wives and clean enjoyable sex for their husbands.

- Enslaved men can be used as farm labor and factory workers at a much lower cost than unionized labor.

- Unemployed men from the prohibited non Islamic businesses like TV, Photography, computers, mortgage companies, music industry etc can be hired as religious police for the Ministry of Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtues . They can be used to beat up women violating burqa laws, arrest men with undersize beards and whip the non religious types found loitering at prayer times.

- Since men will be allowed four wives and unlimited number of slave girls, population boom will result in making the fastest growing religion grow even faster.

- All non muslims will live under dhimmi rules and pay heavy Jizya. Budget deficits will be a thing of the past.

- Stoning of adulterers, whipping of alcohol drinkers, cutting of hands and feet of thieves and beheadings of apostates can be carried out after Juma prayers on Fridays in the local stadium. Gate charge for this gory and exciting weekly spectacle can generate a lot of revenue.

- Unemployed male gynecologists can be hired to carry out circumcisions of new male converts.

- Female circumcision can be made mandatory to promote piety and holiness and discourage lewdness among women.

- Marriage age for girls can be lowered to 6 years. That will reduce the burden of support of large poorer families and also promote a sunna, the tradition set by the holy prophet (peace be up on him).

- Whole Ramadan will be declared as public holidays so that every one can pray and recite the Quran.. Why work in the only month in which all ibadah and Quran recitals are worth 70 times the normal sawab (reward)?.

- Shia Muslims on temporary out of town business assignments will be able to do a temporary marriage (Muta) and enjoy home comfort outside of home.

- Since menstruation is a disease according to Quran all menstruating women will be given time off to rest in bed during their periods.

- All toilet seats in the public rest rooms will be reoriented so that one does not defecate facing Mecca .

- All public toilets will have buckets of stones instead of toilet tissues for claiming after defecation as a movement to implement sunna in the country.

- Separate bins along roadside will be placed to drop bones and dried animal feces for jins to snack on.

- Spiraling medical costs can be brought down by the following two prong approaches:

- Imams can be placed in the clinics to recite Quranic ayas (verses) and blow on the patients and pray for them . Their fee will be a fraction of what doctor's charge.

- All pharmacies will be required to dispense black cumin, honey, Indian incense and camel urine as cure for all diseases as recommended by the holy prophet (pbuh). The cost will be a fraction of today's medicines.

- Spiralling prison costs will come down due to the following:

- All men serving time for the crime of rape will be freed if four male witnesses had not testified in the trial. Even if four male witnesses had testified, the criminal will be freed under insanity provision, since only mentally insane will rape in front of four witnesses.

- All men serving sentences for beating wives will be freed as under new American sharia law wife beating will be allowed.

- All thieves will be freed after cutting their hands and feet.

- All pedophiles will be freed as sex with children will not be against law any more.

- All slayers of unbelievers will be freed if they converted to Islam.

All these result in savings and prosperity and happiness for all. InshaAllah!

Monday, February 09, 2009

UK foster mother fired by officials "cause she didn't prevent 16 y girl from leaving islam"! So what abt muslim Obama & his apostasy?

Klevius has written the most revealing thesis (Pathological Symbiosis in Child Protection) on how state officials (through state bureaucracy) may manipulate the legislation in the most sensitive of areas namely children.

You don't really get it, do you, how deeply disgusting the islam's fascist/totalitarian ideology is? Or do you belong to those who shut their eyes for fascism? Or perhaps are too scared already, or maybe you benefit financially from it? Islam's simple original formula slavery+rapetivism+apostasy-ban* is still at work near you - & rapidly growing.

* Intellectual copyright belongs to Klevius (2001). No one else has come as far simply because most of the heavy islam critics are Jews, Christians, or otherwise limited by the narrowing scope of sex segregation (see From Klevius without love). Moreover, Klevius doesn't share anything of Mideast "monotheisms" (even the concept is laughable in all its sexist tragic - see e.g. Klevius analysis of the origin of religion), nor is he limited by sexism, racism or a poor brain.

When the social state goes in bed with islamofascism

The woman has been banned by her local council for failing to prevent a 16 y old girl from getting baptised, even though the girl made up her own mind to change religion. "They (social authorities) consider that in some way she should have taken steps to prevent the conversion" said solicitor Nigel Priestley.

The council's decision breaches Article 9 of the Human Rights Act, which guarantees freedom of religion for both the carer and the girl.

The now 17 y girl is again back with her abusing muslim parents & is deeply "distressed".

Mike Judge: "I cannot imagine that an atheist foster carer would be struck off if a Christian child in her care stopped believing in God.

"This is the sort of double standard that Christians are facing in (islamized - Klevius remark)) Britain."

The council, "which cannot be named" is "in the north of England" & is hiding (as usual) under the hypocritical slogan "sensitive issues surrounding a child in care".

Mike Judge, a spokesman for the institute, said: 'All people should be free to change or modify their religious beliefs. That surely must be a core human right in any free society."

Klevius comment: Hello! Where have you been? This is islam today precisely as it was 1499 y ago when it started its course towards becoming the by far worst crime ever against humanity!

'I cannot imagine that an atheist foster carer would be struck off if a Christian child in her care stopped believing in God. This is the sort of double standard which Christians are facing in modern Britain.

'In recent months we have seen a nurse, adoption agencies, firemen, registrars, elderly care homes - and now a foster carer - being punished because of the Christian beliefs they hold. It has to stop.'

The carer is a single mother of two in her 50s who has worked with young children for much of her life. She has had an unblemished record since becoming a foster parent in the North of England in 1999.

Of the Christian convert, she said: 'I did initially try to discourage her. I offered her alternatives.

'I offered to find places for her to practise her own religion. I offered to take her to friends and family.

'But she said to me from the word go, 'I am interested and I want to come.' She sort of burst in.'

The woman said it had never occurred to her that she would be axed from the register.

The move has stripped her of her sole source of income, forcing her to downsize to a one-bedroom flat.

The girl is represented by Huddersfield-based Nigel Priestley.

There is no doubt that the event that provoked the council was the decision by the girl to be baptised.

This girl was 16 and has the right to make this choice, so for the council to react in this way is totally disproportionate.

Klevius comment: I used to defend children & parents against state intervention and becauser of the horrible decisions I saw there I also started thoroughly researching the topic. My next shock was when I realized that high level muslim officials in the Sedish state organization seriously proposed that muslims should be exempted from the law of child abuse. This is also in line with the islamofascists efforts to silence all criticism of islam by referring to muslims being offended platitudes.

Joy Tiz: "Who knew that the same people who promote suicide bombings, honor killings, genital mutilation and beheadings are actually frail and delicate flowers whose tender sensibilities are easily bruised?"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Are you your husband's sex slave - or a free human being?!

This chart seems to indicate that we aren't in any immediate need of more islamic rapetivism.

An extremely important (albeit taboo) question to all of you: Which group do you think long for more sex on average, men or women - or would it be roughly equal?

Although this question doesn't alter the reasoning below, the very formulation may help someone to further contemplate around this issue (see What's sex segregation?).

Virginia Woolf: "Why are women... so much more
interesting to men than men are to women?"

Islam, the worst crime ever against humanity

Although all ideologies, "faiths" etc. also, by necessity, contain, at least in their praxis, the whole range of human subjectivity incl. mysticism & other stupidities, the core of islam is sex slavery. As slavery was forbidden by the West from the early 19th Century on islam inevitably began to decline because its main financial base thus was undermined. The islamic formula "sponging-on-others-spiced-with-sex-rapetivism" continued domestically but was now less useful in trade outside the islamic "world" of institutionalized sex slavery.

However, West's technology & invention of cars etc. & West's discovery of oil in places contaminated with islam revitalized the islamic economy - & the spread of islamic rapetivism.

Why are there less than 10 Million Jews but more than 1 Billion muslims?!

As most of you know islam is based on Judaism which emerged some 2000+ yrs before islam. But did you also know that rapetivism, i.e. the structured effort to squeeze out as many children as possible from every girl/woman (this is btw the root cause of male circumcision), was the basic idea of Judaism?

When the Romans abandoned the trade junctions on the Arabian peninsula the uncivilized Arabs took over. The mess that followed was then structured by the remaining Jews who evolved into a purely evil form of robbery & slave raiding/trading combined with rapetivism which we now call islam (i.e. more correctly Judeo-islam). To the Jewish slave traders who had already established most of the large network that later came to be islam's main warehouse for getting slaves (e.g. East-Africa, South Asia etc), islam added violent jihadism.

Women's ignorance abt their own oppression & their deliberate contribution to it (so called "female patriarchy").

While a Sharia police in Kano, Nigeria, "feels embarrassed" for the sake of islam & complains that "Never in the history of islam have women taken to the street to press for their demands", muslim women in Europe, according to a recent report, are struggling "with patriarchal norms and family structures in their islamic community, and externally with prejudice coming from the non-Muslim environment." Klevius comment: Despite all its bottomless stupidity this sentence delicately reveals the schitzophrenia of fanatic islam supporters. Why is it that these women "fight" against their own while non-muslims reveal "prejudice", "islamophobia" or perhaps even "racism" when they say/think/express the same?!

The report also found (surprise, surprise) that "many muslim women are asserting their right to govern their own lives, & expressed an overall commitment to European values such as the rule of law, democracy, freedom and the respect of diversity. Klevius comment: Aren't everyone of these anti-islamic?! The islamic "god's" law, islam's anti-individualism, anti-freedom (see my comparison of islam's laughable Cairo "human rights" declaration from 1990 & the original U.N. Human Rights declaration from 1948!), & islam's extremely racist "infidel" intolerance (it's no coincidence that the homeland of islam is the world's most intolerant - especially against women!).

The flimsy report contunues: "For that reason, they expected respect for their own religious views and felt frustrated when prevented from practicing their faith as they would like." Klevius comment: I'm speechless!

Moreover, while none of these respondents expressed any desire to live under Sharia, according to an other survey, a majority of their sisters in Canada did want Sharia. Klevius comment: Do I insult Canadian muslim women when I hypothesize that the fact that Obama's close friend, the Sharia fanatic wahhabist leader of American muslims, the Canadian Ingrid Mattson channels Saudi funded Sharia propaganda, might have something to do with this discrepancy?!

Human Rights from Klevius without love

Klevius psychosocial timeline on how Freud "invented" psychoanalysis as a defense for his abuse of his wife & others.

From Freud to bin Laden

Klevius diagnosis of psychoanalysis - Borderline!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Hamas child murderers is the true face of real islam!

Most jihadists are children (i.e. below 18) & so are their victims!

The reason islamists sometimes make use of Christians while despising "Jews" is simply because there are so many more (timid & naive) Christians. And, of course, the fact that the islamic branch of Judeo-islam wants to purify itself just as the Sunnis want to purify themselves from the Shiite9s & the Wahhabis from the rest of the Sunnis etc.

According to lunatic ayatollah Khamenei, the barrier between Israel & Palestine is "a symbol of the impotence of the Zionists and of their inability to rein in the intifada. So successful have suicide operations been in sowing terror and panic among Israelis that, like their trembling forebears in Europe, they were now retreating behind a ghetto wall."

Klevius comment: Reminds me of the naive Western morons who used to applaud both Hamas & Hizbollah murderers! And why so silent today when the islamic impotency has become so evident!

The technological power of Israel is made in the West & the islamic impotency is the true essence of the "faith". This is why islam needs to rape women through a sex segregated Sharia system of rapetivism.