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Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's the difference between Goel Ratzon (30 contemporary wives) & Mohammed (12 wives)?

Klevius answer: Mohammed/islam was more violent & totalitarian!

Why have both Goel Ratzon & islam prevailed in their strange behavior?

Klevius answer: Because so many women are so stupid.

Why are so many women so stupid?

Klevius answer: Because of sex segregation, dude! When will you really get the enormity of sex segregation? It's not "god" given, it's your fault! And no, Klevius gives a damn if you are asexual, heterosexual or homosexual or suffering from nymphomania etc. Although much of the issue is confused by talk abt "sexuality", sex has nothing to do with it outside the question of rape/selfrape! We're talking abt SEX SEGREGATION ^ Klevius seems still to be your best resource on the subject!

Of course Klevius is extremely flattered being the only one on (so far) to address the most important sociological issue on the net. However, the very fact of being alone also aids to compromise/negate the issue, not the least because of the spread of evil sexist islam (or is this a consequence of Klevius & all the girls/women who have started questioning sex segregation - albeit without necessarily hitting/understanding the core (precisely because they're females), male heterosexual attraction & its devastating effects on girls/women (& men) unless they understand to connect it with patterns of cultural sex segregation)?

Cure your ignorance abt women, men, psychoanalysis, feminism & islam:

Klevius psychosocial timeline on Sigmund Freud's lifelong attempt to defend how he treated his wife.
Klevius sex tutorial (incl. Klevius concept of rapetivism)
From Klevius without love (incl. the 1921 ban on the world's best female football team)
Angels of Antichrist - kinship vs social state (the most important sociological paper from the last century)
Gametes have no sex
Marriage, kinship, friendship
Childless female child psychoanalysts in search for "femininity" based on "motherhood" (the sarcastic quote marks are there to indicate that both are cultural inventions - perhaps caused by an over-emphasized wish to capitalize on child birth/breast-feeding for the purpose of defending sex segregation).
From Freud to bin Laden


And finally, if you want the real truth abt the historical Viking phenomenon go to Origin of Vikings
After reading it I'd guess your world isn't any longer the world it used to be! Moreover, I'd guess most of you initially think this is just another angle on the subject, &, after reading it, are forced to agree it's by far the best overall explanation of historical facts, no matter you like it or not. Why? Simply because of Klevius methodology, i.e. to dare to see islam for what it is, not for what you'd like it to be! What? Am I exaggerating islam's role? Absolutely not, because my (& Koran's) definition of islam is: parasitism based on slaves & sex slaves embedded in an immorality built of infidel racism! Only this will explain islam's rapid initial spread. And like cancer needs blood vessels, islam needs a host civilization that can feed its growth! All civilizations "visited"/contaminated with islam have slowly deteriorated into a state of ultimate misery, the Ottoman "empire" being the last example.

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