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Monday, November 29, 2004

Islam and the last of lunatic taboos

What is sex segregation?

A taboo is something you are not supposed to talk about. However, if you like to be a taboo breaker you might also be theoretically well rewarded if you simply ask: Why not? If no one answers you might be lost yourself or you might just have hit the bull's eye!

In the case of sex segregation one is now allowed to talk about occupational, and, maybe, structural segregation, but not to put forward the ultimate questioning of a sex dichotomy that predestines and limits our cultural/societal freedom of being. So why should we do it if it causes such embarrasment among various fundamentalists? Well, precisely because this embarrasment is a sign of the underlying inflammation.

In the world of today sex segregation is defended under three major titles: Psychoanalysis, feminism and modern Islam. These movements are all basically reactions to modernity. Whereas psychoanalysis preaches openings for hetero sexual desire Islam does the opposite. Feminism consists of a variety of combinations of these. Whereas psychoanalysis and feminism originate from the late 19th Century Islam is of a particular interest because it links the old Middle Age sex segregation with the modern (artificial/constructed) one. I.e. that the "classical" sex segregation was more of a natural outcome of the social institutions at hand, while the modern (artificial) sex segregation is a continuously constructed institution for its own sake as a bullwork against vanishing sex roles in practical life.

Klevius' AIQ net deals with sex segregation from several aspects. Although the site is new and under strong development one may already enter it from a variety of angles and depth.

Peter Klevius

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