Trying to understand the polarizing and warmongering without incl. the consequences of US 1971 $-theft - which are now coming home to roost because of China's superior R&D - is an equation without an x. From a pro-war politician's mouth always comes a copy of the original in US. US inflamed the existing racial tensions in Ukraine for the purpose of getting US nukes and US anti-nuke missiles on Russia's border, so to protect itself in its planned war against China - because only by creating a similar chaos as in WW2 on the Eurasian continent would US be able to continue its stolen dollar hegemony.

Peter Klevius science blog

World's oldest (29,000BP) portrait found in Central Europe and dated by space technology

Islam (OIC) is the worst threat to Human Rights

Sex apartheid - one reason why islam is incompatible with Human Rights

We're all born unequal, that's why we need Human Rights, not islam!

Klevius is probably now the world's foremost expert on sex segregation (sad, isn't it), and islam (the worst crime ever) is the foremost expression of sex apartheid. By 'islam' Klevius of course means OIC's Human Rights violating Sharia declaration.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why are more than half of 'OIC Sharia' top image searches signed Klevius?!

Is the world sleeping while fascists take over what was supposed to be the bulwark against fascism!

Fact 1: Saudi based OIC is the top organization of all the world's muslims.
Fact 2: Sharia is incompatible with Human Rights.
Fact 3: Therefore OIC has criminalized all basic Human Rights which aren't compatible with Sharia.

Ok dude, time to think!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Would you believe it! A Turkish islamist speaking abt Sharia (i.e. women's rights denials, not women's Rights), in the EU Parliament!?

Turkish PM wife Emine Erdogan to speak at the European Parliament on "women's rights"! Emine Erdogan, like her PM husband Tayyip Erdogan (how many wives does he & his right hand possess?), are strong believers in political islam & Sharia, & oppose Human Rights for girls/women! This is why they use OIC's deceptive tactics of calling Sharia "human rights"! Got it?!

And this happens while her husband Tayyip Erdogan, together with an other Turkish islamist (i.e. Sharia proponent) OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu at a press conference in Jeddah expressed satisfaction over the 57 islamist nation group’s "increasing role on the world stage"!

Is Sudan's "president" Bashir (searched for by The International Criminal Court in the nearby Hague, for crimes against humanity in Darfur etc) next in line to talk abt human rights in front of the EU Parliament?! Bashir's genocide in Darfur is perfectly in line with islam's 1400 yr of African massacres. Islam has sucked the continent's blood to an extent in time & quantity that one might even define islam itself as the evil fate of the entire continent! No, I didn't forget Indians, Central-Asians, South-East Asians, the Slavs, etc etc. They've all suffered from islamö's atrocities throughout 1400 yrs. However, Africa seems to have got the deepest wound of them all!

Isn't it then an enourmous irony that islam today gets support from its own victims precisely because the damage islam caused made its victims more vulnerable for its racist ideology, i.e. the victims feeling of inferiority directs itself not against the main perpetrator but against those who have developed WITHOUT the heavy shackles of islam! And double so when keeping in mind that it was the Europeans who stopped the slavery & even fought abolishment wars for the Africans against an unwilling & violent islam. No you wont find it on PC Wikipedia, but rather check historical facts!

Cure your bottomless ignorance abt islam by reading your most reliable & unbiased source on the net:

Whereas the original UN Human Rights from 1948 are based on so called Negative Human Rights (i.e. freedom from "obligations", "duties" etc., based on or connected to sex, religion, etc) Sharia is its very opposite, namely based on islamic totalitarianism & sex segregation & positive in the sense that it prescribes what e.g. girls/women ought to submit to - i.e. what Negative Human Rights protect them from!

Whereas Human Rights are Universal, Sharia distinguishes between islam "believers" (so called muslims) & the infidels whoi are considered less human.

Whereas Human Rights protect your freedom of & from religion, islam/Sharia abuses these rights while proposing a system that denies others these rights!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Who of the six Catholic justices in the US Supreme Court is/are believing pedophiles? And what abt a muslim justice believing in Mohammed?!

There are six Catholics, two Jews & one Protestant (who is leaving) in the US Supreme Court. This despite the fact that of the US population the majority faith is nonreligious - and without representation! In other words, a quarter of the population is represented by two thirds of the Supreme Court! And what if the muslim born & Sharia respecting Mr X "president" sneaks in a believer in the pedophilic Mohammed?! Then the pedophiles truly get a strong voice, don't they!

In a sample of 80 “normal” volunteers, over 25% self-reported some pedophilic interest or in the plethysmographic phase exhibited penile arousal to a child that equaled or exceeded arousal to an adult (Hall, Hirschman, & Oliver, 1995).

Klevius comment: As nothing seems to indicate that Catholics in general (Catholic priests may be an alltogether other case!) are less pedophilic than the normal population, statistically pedophilic Catholic Supreme Court justices proportionally represent all (i.e. some quarter of the population) US Catholics!

Klevius question to YOU: Why are you so stupid? It's YOU who have made these religious madmen possible!

All this naked political, or purely sexist monotheist "religiosity" makes one really puke. They're ALL based on sexist rapetivism.

Zero "gods" or Millions of "gods" makes sense - oneness doesn't make any sense other than as a personal or collective excuse for racist/sexist actions! You just let yourself be cheated by the very evilness you think you avoid! Ancestor warship orbited around a family growing to a clan & tribe, & further to a city state, nation & empire. However, during the process "god" transformed to God, i.e. a baptized nothingness serving evil! Good deeds were performed between people by referring to this evil idol, while evil deeds were excused as "the will of God".

A single "god" is a logical contradiction. How could two people ever imagine the same (this naivity is also called realism)? And how could a single "god" ever exist (abt existence see Klevius' book Demand for Resources (1992)?

To really get a deeper hold on this you better read the net's best explanation (sic) of how your brain works, EMAH (the even more astonishing hypothesis).

Monday, April 05, 2010

OIC & Mr X "president" demand respect for & silence abt the worst crime ever against humanity. And you don't seem to get it, do you!

Islam is an uncivilised* ideology (see Origin of islam! Protecting islam hence is making us all uncivilized!

* meaning islam doesn't fit in with a civilized world based on Negative Human Rights (the basis for freedom protected by the 1948 Human Rights Declaration - in fact, OIC doesn't submit to UN Human Rights but demnds its own positive Sharia "rights" instead). And if someone desperately tries to squeeze islam into a civilized world, then s/he needs to strangle islam to a point where it stops breathing! If that's the plan then Klevius will of course support it. However, why keep doing this in the dark anyway?!

Islam, via its most important organization OIC, now wants to criminalize criticism against itself, i.e. against the worst ideological crime ever committed against humanity throughout 1400 yrs!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

While OIC Sharia islam violates girls/women's Human Rights media is silent! Why?

Ignorance, not bombs, is the main reason so many haven't as yet understood that islam was/is the worst crime ever against humanity (remember, unlike islam, Klevius considers girls/women as fully humans - without any reserve)!

Klevius comment: The OIC process of introducing Human Rights violations against girls/women has been ongoing for some time. However, although you will find many news every day abt OIC, Sharia and finance, you will not find a single one abt OIC Sharia and women! Time to wake up?!
This gives a tiny glimpse of how Google is able to steer what it likes/dislikes you to you see! It wasn't necessarily you who elected muslim (i.e. against freedom & US constitution) Mr X "president", it was Google & Co!

The by far most important news issue now is the ongoing slaughtering of Negative Human Rights through islam's terror campaign against them in the UN & elsewhere!

The Saudi Caliph was muslim born Mr X "president's" first call! And when you look at his pals you may understand why!Girls/women! Don't count on these "men"!

Pinar Ilkkaracan in Do women and girls have human rights?: At the 1995 conference in Beijing there were already signs of backlash, among them an evident increase in coordination efforts by the religious conservative opposition. An alliance of Muslim and Christian (mainly Catholic) delegations made sexuality - sexual orientation, women's control of their bodies and abortion - a topic of major debate, and strongly objected to the term "women's and girls' sexual rights".

The remarkably smooth, friendly cooperation between Christian and Muslim religious conservatives there (illustrated by Catholic nuns in their habits and Muslim women waering hijab walking arm-in-arm.

At the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in March 2003 a group of conservative Muslim delegates tried to reverse gains women had made over many years by rejecting a previously agreed-upon text.

At the United Nations general assembly special session (Ungass) on HIV/Aids+5, held in New York in 2006, all Muslim states joined together for the first time at a UN Ecosoc meeting under the banner of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC). OIC provided an umbrella for all Muslim states to forge a "Muslim identity" to challenge several proposals (especially those related to sexuality) made by Northern states.

Klevius comment: Pinar Ilkkaracan, who accused Bush & Co for this backlash, wrote this in 2007, before the muslim Mr X "president" introduced the real backlash, an even much more conservative Saudi inspired islamic agenda on sex segregation! Take a look, for example, at Wahhabi inspired & Saudi funded president of the Islamic Society of North America Ingrid Mattson (seen at Mr X "president's" left ear above)!

Klevius, your unbiased IQ rock when Google, Wikipedia etc betray you!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Islamic Sharia dress code rules equally in Nigeria & UK while BBC talks cover up rubbish

Islam is sicker than anything else simply because it was really intended to be evil from scratch - see Origin of islam! Islam is the ultimate excuse for parasitism, theft, rape & murderThis is why islam is so confined (totalitarian) in itself. Every crack in islam's racist/sexist insulation is a lethal threat against islam itself. That's why Sharia, apostasy ban, sex segregation etc are so crucial to islamic fascism!

Kenya, Nigeria Philippines etc in the grip of islamic jihad fascism while the Saudi puppet, Mohammed Mr X "president" bows for & respect Sharia islam & its Saudi Caliphate while churches burn, people are persecuted, raped & murdered!

In UK people of all other faiths & non-faiths need to follow muslim Sharia when, for example, visiting a bath house!
In Nigeria the archbishop of Jos, Ignatius Kaigama says that the introduction of islamist Shariah law is the core cause of tensions between Christians and Mohammedans. And as we all know who don't rely on BBC & Al-Jazeera etc, it's the muslim jihadists who are the main murderers as they have been for some 1400 yrs now!

Kaigama: "there is this propaganda of both Islam and Christianity; every religion wants to control, more or less, the whole system and therefore there is that competition, and when the Shariah, for instance, was introduced recently, the Christians felt threatened."

Kaigama: "Since the introduction of the Shariah there has been great tension, there has been an uneasy relationship and this has erupted into violence sometimes. These are testimonies to the fact that there have been a lot of religious crises in Nigeria and most of these have occurred in the (muslim) north."

Klevius comment: Christians feel threatened because they are not only the minority but they are heavily persecuted & their churches burnt by islam jihadism while BBC sees it as if the Jews in the Holocoust were just a part in "ethnic/religious tensions" .

Kaigama: "If, for example, your business is selling drinks, the Shariah does not allow that, so you lose your business. Even the mode of dressing and freedom of worship and religion is threatened so Christians have a reason to be very worried and that is why some have left the area of their residence and some have closed business because some of them were not sure what was going to happen.@

"Violence could erupt at any moment and so to prevent that, they have left and closed business that is how it has been. Over 300 churches have been destroyed in four years."

"In Zamfara, for example, men and women are obliged to travel on separate public transport and the dress code is Islamic."

Klevius comment: Isn't this quite logical that the evil ideology of islam which sucked the blood out of Africa during 1400 yrs of constant enslavement, genocides, rapetivism, now is the remaining power of African apartheid!

"In the southern part of Nigeria where it is still predominantly Christian, it is possible for a Muslim to convert to Christianity; but in the north, it is not possible for a Muslim to convert to Christianity."

Kaigama: "We tell our Christians to stand up for your faith.

Klevius: Stand up against racist/sexist "monotheisms" (of which islam is the most elaborate evil of them all) & for freedom under the ultimate responsibility of Negative Human Rights - you know, those freedom rights Mr X "president" together with OIC tries to terminate by the help of islam!

And btw, shame on you Africa who used to have true ancestor religions instead of the fascist Arabic slavery "religion" that has strangled you for 1400 yrs. Read Klevius definition & origin of religion!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tomboy & islam: The Tomboy's exactly right & Freudian shrinks & islamic clerics are completely wrong, dude!

Brad Pitt & Shiloh 3, mocked by pathological feminist media & their sexist "experts".

A "Tomboy" is a girl/woman whose "sexuality" really has nothing to do with it, but who will not submit to ridiculous & dangerous "gender appropriate" rules.

You "Tomboys" out there, don't let DSM shrinks & your stupid sisters bother you (unless you're a minor, of course - then the GID shrinks have the right to lock you up in a nut house &/or force "feminization" on you)! Sex segregation (feminization) is also the reason why transsexuals are forced to hormonization/surgery instead of living their lives as they like wihout a state regulated sex label).

Why is it so hard to see that the culprit is cultural sex segregation boosted with sexist monotheist "religions", Freud (see From Freud to bin Laden), sexist political Sharia islam & scared, ignorant (or hypocritical!) women themselves?

I'm a man but I (& probably most men (as you know, Klevius is EXTREMELY normal) know that the "sexiest" women are "Tomboys", no matter if sex is involved at all, & I assume that most "lesbians" aren't "lesbians" because of getting a particular type of physical sex, but rather the contrary, i.e. to not be bothered by horny & sexist men & "feminine" regulations/limitation on how to lead their lives & with whom. All of this would be so much easier (even for me as a man) if we could just stick to those UN (negative) Human Rights the islamist OIC organization (led by the Saudis) is abt to erase in UN right now!

GID is a terrible crime against Human Rights, albeit the crooks get away with it because chidren aren't protected by Human Rights other than against their parents! And the parents Human Rights are by-passed by the interventional rights of the social state (or islam). These interventional rights aren't necessarily even benficial for the child but could often be disastrous (see e.g. my thesis Pathological Symbiosis).

In the 1948 HR declaration it's clearly stated that your physical sex shouldn't be a cultural or legal regulator for how to live. GID (gender identity disorder) is a hoax psychiatric DSM criterion that especially targets girls before they are grown up & can decide for themselves. It was introduced as a "pathology" at the same time as "homosexuality" was removed as a pathology!

Not only Christian fundamentalists (such as e.g. Catholics) but also psychiatrists & sick media people contribute to the progress of ultimate sex apartheid in the form of islamic sex totalitarianism. Consider this> Islam's immediately dead if it looses its sex apartheid!

I might be wrong but my girls/women informants make me believe that other girls/women are the worst in trying to put "tomboyism" in disrespect when it should be the most respected "fashion" a human female could possibly exhibit!

A Tomboy's completely unneccessary worries

"it's hard to tell by the way I type, but I'm a tomboy!! I don't wear any girl clothes at all!! it's actually really strange and my friends (even my parents) hate me for it!! I've had people bring me girl clothes to wear at school!!! but I feel strange in girls clothing.. have you seen how tight it is?? even the loose clothing!!! it's horrid! but my baggy boy shirts are so comfortable!!! but most tomboys love their hair up and short.. not all, I LOVE long hair and having it down... I just do.. but, I wonder if this is the reason for me liking such feminine guys... ??? I really do, but to be sure, yes, I'm straight happy"

Klevius answer: "Feminine" guys are probably more intelligent &/or have better selfesteem & hence more free to lead their lives as they like, not as others like them to do. When social conformism to others reach a certain level it will equal social fascism! I guess most "maculine" Tomboys are similar, i.e. they meet in the middle after having escaped the pathological extremes of "masculine" & "feminine"!.

Cure your ignorance abt evil feminism & evil islam:

Human rights from Klevius without love

Klevius Psychosocial timeline on Freud's desperate efforts to cover up his sexism against his wife!

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